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The Staff
Hardworking and honest, these are attributes that describe every member of our team. ​All of us were born and raised in an environment which has developed these qualities in us. We are a friendly bunch and try our best to give our guests the best experience possible. 

Jesse Awe

Jesse Awe is one of those rare people that show us anything is possible as long as you have the drive. Despite never having achieved a high school degree, his passion for vehicles and trucks translated to him owning his first truck at the tender age of  17. From being able to operate all sorts of machinery to being able to completely disassemble, repair and reassemble an entire truck, his achievements speak for themselves. Jesse Awe is a driver and mechanic for Awe Jungle Excursions and also the lead engineer behind the trailer used in our tours.

Driver/ Mechanic

Jesse Awe "The Mechanic"

Jonathan Manzanero

While still in High School , Jonathan is one of the most hardworking members of the team. He works immediately after he is told to and does the best he can while never complaining. Jonathan is also a "bush man" and has spent years of his life in the jungle and he's not afraid of getting dirty. With the occasional jokes he is also has a lovable personality.  Jonathan's support has played a pivotal role in making Awe Jungle Excursions a Success.


Jonathan Manzanero "Son of Rambo"

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