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Awe Jungle Excursions

The Team

With a blend of salty skin, a sun-kissed glow, and a serene sense of relaxation, the five of us, bound by cousinhood, embarked on our return journey from a delightful family beach trip. As fate would have it, the mere mention of "Davis Falls" triggered an instantaneous connection in each of our minds, igniting the spark that would give birth to the Awe Jungle Excursions. 

Meet the team

Alfred Awe

Alfred Awe "The Quiet Rascal"

With a bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering obtained from Kun Shan University in Taiwan and a background in Business Administration, Alfred Awe plays an important role in the organization and leadership of Awe Jungle Excursions. 

Jahir Awe

Jahir Awe "The Machine"

A former model for the Nouveau Model Agency, Jahir Awe is one of original inspirations for Awe Jungle Excursions. He has spent years working in the Belizean Jungle and is very knowledgeable about the area and has been trained in first-aid. He is currently the head tour guide for Awe Jungle Excursions.

Bryton Awe

Bryton Awe "The Jester"

A former Restaurant Waiter at Norwegian Cruise Line Bryton Awe has gained international experience in the tourism industry. Fond of his magic tricks, he is lighthearted, lively and brings a uniqueness to the crew. He loves cooking and creating new dishes.

Alejandro Awe

Alejandro Awe "Tarzan"

Hard-working and Honest, Alejandro Awe is the youngest member of the crew. He has spent years living and working in the Jungle surrounding Davis Falls. He enjoys the outdoors and is a Belizean "Bush-man" at heart. He provides support to every aspect of the company.

Jossely Awe

Dr. Jossely Awe "Mama Bird"

A medical doctor graduate from Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas in Mexico, Jossely Awe serves as support for the company's inventory and is our current social media manager. She also acts as a medical adviser for tours here at Awe Jungle Excursions.

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