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The Jungle Express

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The Jungle Express

In the early stages of Awe Jungle Excursions, while brainstorming ideas for transportation, we all quickly settled on a tractor and trailer combination. While having dinner one evening, some family banter sparked an idea with us to build our own personal trailer for the trip to Davis Falls.

At first nothing came of this idea and then months passed by until one day, everyone just came together and the making of the trailer begun. It wasn't easy, we spent countless

hours designing and building our trailer. Sometimes things didn't go

out way; the weather would constantly threaten us with rain, finding

the proper parts was always a headache and our capital was



Through hard work and Passion, two qualities everyone on our team has, we managed to build a first class trailer that can stand up to a storm and be perfectly fine. Named the Jungle Express, it was built to be both sturdy and comfortable.

Our trailer is also special in that it is equipped with a working airbag freight-liner suspension. A 12 volt air compressor was attached to our tractor which controls the two airbags on the trailer. 

John Deere
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