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John Deere Sunchron 6603

The Jungle Express

At the formation of Awe Jungle Excursions, we always knew we wanted to make Davis Falls our core adventure tour. We have lived next to this amazing waterfall throughout our lived and we wanted to share our experience, however there was a problem. The road to Davis Falls is only reachable by vehicles during the really dry months of the year and so this presented a challenge for us as we wanted to do tours throughout the year.

As we brainstormed transportation ideas, we swiftly settled on utilizing a tractor and trailer combination however finding a suitable trailer would be difficult. One evening, while enjoying a family dinner, a lively conversation sparked an idea: building our own custom trailer that would be able to take us to Davis Falls.

Initially, the idea remained dormant, and months passed without progress. However, one day, a surge of motivation brought us together, and we commenced the trailer construction project. The process was far from effortless, demanding countless hours dedicated to design and construction. We encountered setbacks along the way, such as the unpredictable weather that persistently threatened us with rain. Additionally, sourcing the necessary parts proved to be a persistent headache, and our financial resources gradually diminished.

Nevertheless, fueled by unwavering determination and a shared passion among our team, we succeeded in crafting a top-tier trailer capable of weathering storms without a hitch. Named the Jungle Express, our creation embodies both robustness and comfort.

One distinctive feature sets our trailer apart: a functional airbag freight-liner suspension system. By attaching a 12-volt air compressor to our tractor, we gained control over the two airbags incorporated into the trailer. This specialized suspension system contributes to the overall excellence of our trailer, delivering enhanced performance and versatility.

John Deere
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