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Making of the Jungle Express

Updated: May 24, 2019

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” ― Mark Twain

The Jungle Express - Our custom built trailer, specifically designed with the purpose of taking passengers to Davis Falls in mind. Weighing in at over 5000 lbs, it is a top notch trailer that is both strong and comfortable.

The Jungle Express took two months to build and countless hours of work. The lead designer, Jesse Awe, is one of the most knowledgeable mechanics in Belize and also one of the most resourceful persons we know. With his knowledge and experience, the time and money we put into this project was significantly reduced and we got a high quality trailer.

Jesse Awe doing some welding on the support beams

It's true, getting started on a big project can many times be a colossal task. From the frequent set-backs and excuses to lack of time and bad weather, the start of the Jungle Express was no doubt a rocky one. However, once we got into our flow we never stopped. Any time one of us would be disheartened by the project, the other members of the team would encourage them to push forward. Motivating and inspiring each other was one of the biggest factors in us finishing this project.

The base of the Jungle Express was built using the chassis of an old truck. To reach Davis Falls we need to go through an 8 mile dirt road so a good suspension was necessary. We decided that a freight-liner airbag suspension system would provide the most comfortable experience during our excursions.

This of course presented its own challenges as tractors do not use air compressors which are needed for the system. To solve this we mounted a 8V Air compressor to the back of the tractor. A single axle with Four wheels for maximum stability was also decided on.

A group discussion as we were getting closer to the finish line.

Wooden flooring and sides matched the outdoor theme of our trailer and we settled on a shade cloth roof for the trailer. This not only provided shade for its passengers, but it also allows passengers to view the canopy while going through the jungle.

And with that, the Jungle Express was born. Hard work, Determination and a passionate team turned our vision into a reality. We welcome all those who wish to take a ride on the Jungle Express to Davis Falls and may you have a wonderful experience.

The Jungle Express on its maiden Voyage to Davis Falls.


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