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Davis Falls - A hidden gem in Belize

Updated: May 27, 2019

"Veni. Vidi. Amavi."

Sweat dropped from our faces as we walked through the jungle on a hot summer day. The canopy provided us shelter from the sun's rays but that did little to help us from the heat and humidity of the area. As we kept walking we could hear crashing waters in the distance which grew louder and louder with each passing step.

The growing sounds of the waters kept encouraging us to push forward and then, right before us, the jungle unfolded. A gap through the jungle lead us to an open area. As we walked out of the jungle canopy and into the open expanse we could see it. "Wow!", This was the first word that was said by one of our guests when they saw Davis Falls for the first time.

The crashing waters of the fall

"Veni. Vidi. Amavi." which is Latin for "We came. We Saw. We Loved." is the slogan for Awe Jungle Excursions and it perfectly illustrates the feeling that one gets when they experience Davis Falls.

At an estimated 330 ft tall Davis Falls is the second largest waterfall in Belize. It is located in the Sittiee River Forest Reserve 8 miles in from Awe and Sons Grocery Store in Alta Vista Village, Stann Creek. Davis falls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions here in Belize.

At its base is a 15 ft deep pool, its cool and refreshing waters are perfect for swimming and rocks on the side make a great sunbathing spot. Some challenges are present at the fall for those who are brave enough and looking for some extra excitement.

On the road to Davis Falls

To get to Davis Falls we start from the Humming Bird Highway at Awe and Sons Grocery Store and travel down an 8 mile dirt road. Along the way we pass through several orange orchards and the Belize Rain forest. There are several River and stream crossings before reaching the fall. After reaching our farm (Misty Vale) you then hike for 30 minutes through the rain-forest before you reach your destination.

Along the way you get to see several different birds and a variety of flora. The nice fresh air in the area relaxes the soul and nourishes the body. The waters of the fall are clean as no settlements are located along its path.

A rare view from on top of the Waterfall


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