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Birds of Belize

Whilst journeying to Davis Falls by the Jungle Express, one can expect to see a few flying friends. Enjoy the ride and keep your eyes peeled for these awesome birds:

Keel-billed Toucan

Often found sitting high in the nearby trumpet trees, these avians are easy to spot. They're recognized by their large, colorful beaks and bright yellow chests. Locally, they are known as the "bill bird" and are the national bird of Belize. The keel-billed toucan is a very social bird and has always been found in pairs or small groups.

Vermillion Flycatcher

Be on the alert for little red bellies flying by. This little bird stands out amongst the greenery with its neon red chest and head. They are about 5 in long from tip to tail.

Great Egret

This tall bird has a beak built to spear fish, snails, and even some reptiles. They're easy to spot due to their bright white feathers. Keep a lookout for them at the river crossings as they love to probe the shallow waters.


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